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Welcome to the best Play School In Mahavir Enclave, Vijay Enclave and Dabri

The elementary or play school program is designed to help children build their 1.) Knowledge Base and Experiences,
2.) Form Concepts,
3.) Acquire Fundamental Skills, and
4.) Form Positive attitudes towards learning, as they begin to develop their goal for lifelong learning.

Our Teaching Approach

Learning Through Inquiry

Children have an innate sense of wonder, awe and a natural desire for questions.

Language Development

Oral language is the basis for literacy, thinking, and socialization in any language.

Early Numeracy Development

Most young children come to school already knowing a great deal about mathematics to start with.

Learning in Real-Life Contexts

Using real-life contexts to develop activities for the play school program is a highly effective way of motivating young learners.

Learning Through Exploration

Young children actively explore their environment and the world around them through a process of learning-based play – for example, manipulating objects, acting out roles, and experimenting with various materials.

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Why Choose Us ?

360 Kids is the best play school in Mahavir Enclave in terms of academic excellence and foundation for formal school and learning. We stands for richness of learning in academic shpere as well personality development in early childhood.

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